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Ana Jaumandreu Poncela

Ana Jaumandreu Poncela A.K.A Bananana de Barcelona is a multidisciplinary artist born in Barcelona in 1991 in a lower working-class neighborhood, in the middle of a heavy recession amid Gipsy markets, heroin addicts, and abandoned factories. Went to public school for some of her education, but later would change to a Christian private school where she never felt fitting. Bananana never finished high school. Moved on to study Printing, Prepress, and finally Graphic Design. Although at heart she always had a very creative mind, it wasn’t until she moved to Finland that Bananana could fulfill the creative cravings that as a poor misfit always had. Bananana has never quite felt part of this world, so creating its own was the easiest. A world full of cynicism and cute things. So, welcome to all my fellow misfits.

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