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Valentina Bravo

Valentina Bravo, Santiago de Chile 1988. Fine Arts Degree with a major in Plastic Arts (2017) Lives and works in Lahti, Finland. Her artistic research has been developed in the production of oil paintings in different formats and techniques. These techniques are an exploration to overthrow the idea that oil painting is a “noble material” and the images produces are often represented with stains, accumulation of oil, flat colors, oil mixed with industrial enamel or/and synthetic thinner. The artist often takes as reference images and characters that belong to local culture, in Chile and now in Finland. She also has been dedicated along with exhibitions of her paintings, with education. Recently completed an art online workshop to a group of children the city Pichidegua southern of Chile. Currently preparing a solo show to be presented in Kouvola for January. During her previous trajectory, she has accomplished the following: Fifteen oil painted covers for the publishing house “El ‘Angulo” - March 2021. Collective exhibition El Mundo al Instante, Gallery Isabel Croxatto, Santiago de Chile, January 2020. Solo show Trichotomy in Venus, at Teatro Diego Rivera, Puerto Montt, Chile – April 2019. Art Residency at Faculty of Anatomy and Legal Medicine, Nov. 2019.

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