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Helena Aleksandrova

Helena Aleksandrova (b.1992 ) is a Helsinki-based artist and director from St.Petersburg. She works with the moving image, digital performance, genre cinema and site-specificity. She often uses visually rich scenography in her works, inspired by camp and vintage aesthetics. Humour and female sexuality are frequent elements of her works as well. In her practice Helena researches the ways we use audiovisual languages as the means of communication. She got my Bachelor's degree in 2014 from Smolny College, St.Petersburg State University. She also holds a second degree from Bard College. In the Bachelor studies, she was majoring in Film and Video. She received her Master's degree from Aalto University in the program of Visual Culture and Contemporary Art. In 2019, she was a participant of the Academy of Moving People and Images where she focused on deconstructing the genre of Giallo.

Visual arts

Video Art Fiction film Media art Performance art Installation Art theory / art history

Performing arts

Acting Directing Script writing / playwright Set design Performance art

photo by Andre Vicentini


Helsinki Uusimaa (other than capital city area)

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