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Georgie Goater

Georgie is a white, non-disabled dance artist, improviser, facilitator and pedagogue from Aotearoa NZ based in Helsinki. Her movement, choreographic and collaborative practices are inspired by the multiplicity and relationality of the body with environment; the inclusive field of diverse embodied perceptions, and materiality. Georgie has the privileges of holding dual citizenship (NZ/UK), and of gaining visibility through graduating from Unitec (NZ, 2006) with a Bachelor of Performing and Screen Arts in contemporary dance, from Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2019 with an MA in dance pedagogy, and through working with numerous choreographers locally and internationally. Georgie has been active in the inclusive dance field since working with Touch Compass in Aotearoa NZ, and currently with Kaaos Company and DanceAbility Finland. Her dance practice is a movement of pleasure that embraces difference as a uniting force in a field of constant learning and creative expression. Lately, her artistic practice includes moving with camera, place, and embodied inquiry in relation to transient environments. She values not-yet fully formed ideas and the life of the work itself becoming. She values dialogical practices, collaboration with different mediums and experience as the site of learning and making.

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Portrait by Arlene Tucker. Artwork Image by Solomon Mortimer: Subject Matter Object Pink (Choreography by G.Goater, performed with Alisha McLennan Marler)



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