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Casková Michaela

Michaela Casková is an artist, art educator, nomadic gardener and forager who keeps an eye on atmospheric events. Walking, observing, asking, being in silence, listening, imagining, picking, foraging, mapping and drawing are some of her tools. Motivated by processes of connecting, sharing, doing, being and learning together she keeps moving between different collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. As a board member of Mustarinda association she takes part in projects intertwining art, science and ecological and cultural diversity. Since 2019 Michaela is also member of Evolution in Action team – group of scientists and artists developing and running workshops about evolutionary processes under Department of Biological and Environmental Science at the University of Jyväskylä. Most of her wanderings, foraging and gatherings are connected to Mustarinda house surrounded by old-growth forest or by the sea in her studio in Lapinlahti bay and Suomenlinna island in Helsinki. Michaela has received Master in Fine Arts (2012) and Masters in Education in Arts (2014).

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Artist installing her own weather station Orava on top of Palajakkanvaara hill in Kainuu. Photo by Miina Kaartinen


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