G.A.P Goes Tampere with Culture Cooperative TIcAS

G.A.P Goes Tampere with Culture Cooperative TIcAS



Date: 15 December 2023, 14-18.00
Location: Pirkankatu 10, 33230 Tampere

Globe Art Point (G.A.P) serves as an information centre, meeting point for artists, cultural workers and arts and cultural institutions in Finland. The core mission of Globe Art Point is advocating cultural equity, diversity and inclusion in the arts and cultural sector in Finland.

In order to maintain its mission, G.A.P extends operations outside the Uusimaa region, this time visiting the city of Tampere. This G.A.P Goes event is organised in partnership with Culture Cooperative TIcAS (former Tampere Intercultural Art – TIcA). 

Event Concept: G.A.P Goes Galleries is an event concept that connects professional creatives with art spaces, cultural organisations, and galleries. The aim of the event is to foster connections and collaboration within the art and culture community in both the metropolitan area and beyond. 

Event Schedule:

2-3 PM: We meet at Pirkankatu 10 with other participants, get to know each other briefly and introduce the G.A.P community with TIcAS community.
3-5 PM: Visiting galleries, art and culture institutions nearby and seeing exhibitions on the programme.
5-6 PM: Return back to Pirkankatu 10 for free form of networking, eating cookies and glöggi. 

List of galleries & exhibitions: 

10.12.23–7.1.24 Ella Varvio in Himmelblau
11.11.–17.12. Annina Mannila & Panu Ollikainen in the Culture House Laikku

Participant Limit: Max 20 participants

Language and Registration: The event will be conducted in English, ensuring accessibility to a diverse audience. The event is free for everyone but registration is required. Please sign up using this registration form below.

Registration Form

Feedback Form

Additional Information: Art and culture institutions may prevent entering galleries with a backpack. Please, prefer using other alternative bags for the safety of artworks. Wear warm clothes, and comfortable shoes as we will be walking from one location to another to see exhibitions.

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