‘Botanical Studies’: A Window Exhibition by Polina Laamanen 30.03 – 20.04.2023

‘Botanical Studies’: A Window Exhibition by Polina Laamanen 30.03 – 20.04.2023

‘Botanical Studies’: A Window Exhibition by Polina Laamanen
30.03 – 20.04.2023


Hand embroidered collection of botanical embroidery.

Do you feel the spring? We are sure that you were waiting for it for a long time. Polina Laamanen brings you a glimpse of spring flowers and plants which were all created stitch by stitch by hand. In the study she  investigates the possibilities of hand embroidery and textile modification in order to replicate natural forms and shapes. Do you see the stitches and how they blend with the textile? Each shape is an experiment with many tries and errors. But, if for a moment you can be tricked to see a real flower in front of you, then Polina’s work reached its goal.


– White clover (d 13) 2021
– Snowdrops (d 13) 2021
– Sea buckthorn (d 13) 2021
– Lavender A (d 11) 2020
– Lavender B (d 17) 2020
– Bird vetch (d 17)  2021 *This artwork was featured in Vogue Scandinavia Issue 9
– Rye (d13) 2020
– Grape hyacinth (d 11) 2020
– Acacia (d 13) 2021
– Red clover (d 13) 2021

Polina Laamanen (b.1989) is an embroidery and textile artist based in Vantaa, Finland. She creates one of a kind hand stitched artworks using threads and hand modified textile. In 2022 she was featured in the Vogue Scandinavia magazine. In 2020 she wrote a book about 3D embroidery that was published by EKSMO. In 2016 after changing big city life to the countryside she found her unique way of embroidering birds which began a whole career as a self employed artist. The most popular hand embroidered jewellery from that time was hen brooch – it was created in many different colour combinations and in more than 200 copies. Over the years Polina established her own recognisable embroidery style where thread painting is combined with hand modified textile. All collected experience Polina shared in a series of online workshops with over 3000 participants. At the moment Polina is working on a collection of artworks which combine Scandinavian graphics and realistic botanical embroidery.


As an artist who creates hand embroidery, I am drawn to the beauty and intricacy of flowers. My work is a celebration of nature and its delicate balance, expressed through the art of embroidery. I strive to create pieces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also capture the realism of the natural world. Each stitch, color, and petal is carefully considered to bring my subject to life in a way that captures both its delicacy and strength. I use hand modified textile to imitate the natural shapes and forms. My embroideries are a testament to the time-honored traditions of handwork, and the patience and skill required to create each piece. Through my work, I hope to convey a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us, inviting the viewer to pause and reflect on the beauty of nature. In a fast-paced world that often overlooks the details, I believe it is important to slow down and appreciate the artistry in each stitch. This is why I choose to work with hand embroidery – to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and to preserve the timeless tradition of handwork using traditional techniques and new materials.


Website: www.polalab.com 
IG: @polalab
Email: pola.laamanen@gmail.com

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