Hi there, we are Globe Art Point, it’s a pleasure to meet you!


Are you familiar with our association? Would you like to learn more about who we are and what we do? What kind of activities do we organise for our community and what can we do specifically for YOU


On 7th of October from 16:00 and 19:00 our office doors will be open for all curious minds! Come to our office in Kamppi, meet the G.A.P team and celebrate the association’s sixth birthday with us. This is your chance to discover everything Globe Art Point can offer to artists, culture producers and other creative professionals with diverse backgrounds.


What can be discussed:

  • History of Globe Art Point and how did we get where we are now and where do we see ourselves in a few years time?
  • What is our mission and objectives?
  • Who is our target group and why?
  • What are we currently working on?
  • How to join our association?
  • What is GAP Creatives Database, who can join and what benefit does it bring?
  • What is the G.A.P board and who are the board members for the years 2021-2023?
  • How can we improve? What can we do differently? What are your needs that have not yet been taken into consideration?
  • How can we collaborate? Don’t be shy and bring your proposals along!
  • Any other matters that are on your mind…

Our focus is on artists and creatives with diverse backgrounds living and working in Finland, but we would like to encourage ALL professionals from the field art & culture to visit.

You can find us on Malminkatu 5, 00100, Helsinki. When you enter Malminkatu from Runeberginkatu/Kamppi metro station turn right, G.A.P is at the end of the street on the right side, located in a pink building. Our facilities are accessible on the street level, assistant dogs are welcome, however, please note that there is no accessible toilet in the office space.



No one should make assumptions of or question someone’s background, gender or experiences.

Every person inside the facilities must be treated equally and respectfully. Discrimination and any kind of harassment, sexual or otherwise, are strictly forbidden. This includes language. It also condemned the use of discriminatory, subordinating, repressive or offensive terminology (different slurs and invectives), not even in examples or to describe something.

By using the G.A.P.’s facilities you commit yourself to be responsible for your behaviour and to follow these rules. The workers, members and facilitators of events inside G.A.P. are responsible for securing that every participant and guest are aware of them.

In conflict situations, the organiser of events as the team of G.A.P. has the right to intervene. If you witnessed or experienced any harassment inside G.A.P., please inform immediately to the team or to the event facilitator.

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