G.A.P Goes Galleries with Yö

G.A.P Goes Galleries with Yö

When: 19.5. 22
Where: Yö Gallery, LÖNNROTINKATU 33 00180 HELSINKI
Time: 17:00-19:00
Aim: G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting creatives & art spaces & art and culture organisations.

The third episode of G.A.P Goes Galleries is taking place on the 19th of May, 2022. The host for this session is Yö Galleria located in Hietalahti, Helsinki.

Presenting at the event:

1. Yö Galleria
2. Art Ally
3. Selkokulttuuri
4. Kulkijat ry

G.A.P Goes Galleries is a concept connecting foreign-born and local creatives with art spaces and art associations based in the metropolitan area and beyond. The idea is to meet in an unusual setting and present G.A.P’s members and actors from the Finnish arts and culture scene to our community and allow them to network.

This is a free, low-threshold event organised by Globe Art Point for all foreign-born and Finnish artists or cultural workers who would like to network and meet like-minded people. The language of the event is English. No registration required, welcome!

ARTISTS’ ASSOCIATION YÖ operates within the Finnish art and culture scene, aiming at becoming a nation-wide actor. We do not stick to strict genre boundaries, and our founding members represent a wide variety of different art forms.
Among Yö’s members there are visual artists, sound artists, theatre people, musicians, as well as poets, performance artists and representatives of many other disciplines. Since its launch in October 2020 more than 200 members have joined the association.
@taiteilijayhdistys.yo // www.yory.fi

ART ALLY is an online platform for networking in arts and culture.
@artally.net // artally.net

SELKOKULTTUURI produces and promotes arts and culture in the simplified Finnish language.
@selkokulttuuri // en.selkokulttuuri.fi

KULKIJAT RY is an Intercultural Association based in Helsinki, Finland.
We promote a global vision of Education through the Arts. Our four pillars in this vision are: Pedagogic sciences, Music, Theatre, and Design.
Our vision and mission are always under construction, but they aim to learn from our peers and to recollect knowledge from the arts and sciences to develop an inclusive and hollistic community in harmony with the humankind learning tasks.
Our members come from different disciplines in the arts and sciences, but our international backgrounds share common interests.
The most important of these interests are: a kin for intercultural and multicultural education, inclusiveness, and a strong commitment with minorities, such as disabled people, the elders, and those affected by racism and lack of educational opportunities.
Our innovation as educators is based on an active integration of sciences and arts as a whole. To achieve this innovative system we use technological devices and ancient antropological and acheological knowledge.
The philosophy of our educational approach makes this target clear, while it might take many a time to understand this meaningful tactic, those who experienced the disciplines we tackle through arts, can always understand the sense of our discoveries and enjoy both fields of study, arts and sciences in an holistic way.
@kulkijatry // sites.google.com/view/kulkijat-ry/home

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