MORNING COFFEE AT G.A.P: presenting our new board 2021-2023

MORNING COFFEE AT G.A.P: presenting our new board 2021-2023

May 28, 2021 / 9-11:00 am 


Welcome to Morning coffee at G.A.P – an informal event organised on Friday, 28 May from 9 – 11 am in G.A.P’s premises and on Zoom.

After a break, we are very excited to reintroduce our series of monthly informal breakfast events at Globe Art Point. The events are organised in a collaboration with our members and stakeholder and/or our community and friends; artists and cultural producers. 

The aim of the series is to allow people to publicly present their associations and collectives, discuss their creative processes or projects and in return get some practical feedback and constructive criticism from the audience. 

In the next Morning Coffee at G.A.P, we are excited to introduce you to our new board members for the years 2021-2023. The board ensures that Globe Art Point’ vision, mission and purpose are being fulfilled and that our trajectory is being actively strategically planned. Furthermore, reputation is an important factor in every organization’s functioning and therefore, we would like YOU, our community, to be the first to meet the representatives of our new board. 




Please note that due to the Coronavirus restrictions only a limited amount of people can be allowed to enter our premises. The limit for this particular event is ten (10) people.

If you prefer to join this event virtually, the meeting link will be shared on 27th of May on our social media channels. You can also request the link by sending us an email to info(at)

For those who will be coming to our office in person, you can find us at Malminkatu 5, 00100, Helsinki. When you enter Malminkatu from Runeberginkatu/Kamppi metro station turn right, G.A.P is at the end of the street on the right side, located in a pink building. Our facilities are accessible on the street level, assistant dogs are welcome, however, please note that there is no accessible toilet in the office space.

Find the event here.




No one should make assumptions of or question someone’s background, gender or experiences.

Every person inside the facilities must be treated equally and respectfully. Discrimination and any kind of harassment, sexual or otherwise, are strictly forbidden. This includes language. It also condemned the use of discriminatory, subordinating, repressive or offensive terminology (different slurs and invectives), not even in examples or to describe something.

By using the G.A.P.’s facilities you commit yourself to be responsible for your behaviour and to follow these rules. The workers, members and facilitators of events inside G.A.P. are responsible for securing that every participant and guest are aware of them.

In conflict situations, the organiser of events as the team of G.A.P. has the right to intervene. If you witnessed or experienced any harassment inside G.A.P., please inform immediately to the team or to the event facilitator.

What is discrimination?

A simple definition of discrimination is that a person is treated unfavourably, or someone’s character is defamed in a way that is connected to at least one of the following grounds:


transgender identity or non-normative gender expression

cultural or ethnic background

religion or other conviction

functional ability

sexual orientation






Discrimination can be direct or indirect. Inadequate accessibility, harassment (sexual or otherwise) and instigation of discriminatory practices are also types of discrimination.

What is harassment/sexual harassment?

Everyone has the right not to be sexually harassed while they’re working, regardless of whether the harasser is a facilitator, employer, colleague, guest or another content producer. Harassment is an action that offends a person’s honour and is tied to one or more of the grounds of discrimination mentioned above.

Harassment can be holding someone up to ridicule, or demeaning generalisations that are connected to grounds of discrimination. Harassment can also by nature be sexual. In addition to comments and words, this can include unwanted touching, meaningful glances, groping, jokes, suggestions and sexual images. It can include sexually-toned language. It can also include unwanted compliments, invitations or innuendos. Sexual harassment differs from normal flirting in that the former is unwanted. The target of harassment determines whether or not the behaviour is offensive and defamatory.




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