#StopHatredNow 2020

#StopHatredNow 2020

#StopHatredNow 2020 will take place in May, 11th to 15th! This year’s theme is NEW STANDARDS. There will be lots of interesting and free lectures, panels, discussions, speeches, workshops and much more!

Globe Art Point has participated in the programme planning and our very own Kemê Pellicer and Sepideh Rahaa will be representing G.A.P on the first day of the festival, The Institutional Day: Redefining standards – CALL FOR ACTIONS!

Be there or be square – make sure to pre-register by May 8th!
Registration link: https://forms.gle/P4SC73gSQr8hUMy6A

Programme for The Institutional Day, 11th May 2020

Redefining standards – CALL FOR ACTIONS! 11:30–15:00


11:30–11:50 Poem and welcome words // Kemê Pellicer (Globe Art Point) and Sonya Lindfors (UrbanApa) // ENG

11:50–12:05 Keynote | Maija Karhunen (Culture for All) // ENG

12:05–12:25 Talk | Mustarinda: creating and sharing tools for the ecological transition // Alma Heikkilä // ENG and text interpretation

12:25–12:35 Break / Tauko

12:40–12:55 Keynote | Municipalities’ role as contributors to art and culture // Johanna Selkee (Kuntaliitto) // ENG and text interpretation

13:00–13:15 Talk | Nudging organizations toward accessibility // Marika Räty, Julian Owusu & Esa Vienamo (all from Arts Promotion Center Finland) // ENG

13:15–13:45 Q&A with Abid Hussein (Arts Council England) // ENG & text interpretation

13:45–14:00 Break / Tauko

14:00–14:45 Roundtable discussions in small groups // ENG and FIN

– Roundtable 1. | On accessibility and new standards // Facilitated by Mira Haataja (Culture for All), Maija Karhunen (Culture for All) & Lisa Kalkowski (UrbanApa)

– Roundtable 2. | Ecological and social sustainability // Facilitated by Jenni Nurmenniemi (AFE) & Sonya Lindfors (UrbanApa)

– Roundtable 3. | New standards – New loops? The dynamics of power and diverse recruitment // Facilitated by Kemê Pellicer  & Sepideh Rahaa (Globe Art Point)

– Roundtable 4. | Artists nudging Taike from the inside. Let’s figure out ways to do the same in your organisation // Facilitated by Marika Räty, Julian Owusu & Esa Vienamo (all from Arts Promotion Center Finland)

14:45–15:00 Ending the session

Please check out #StopHatredNow #UrbanApa Fb for most recent updates and other registering links.

The festival will be held online due to the current situation caused by the Corona virus outbreak.


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