The field of arts requires more tools in order to answer the needs of a changing world.

StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist platform organised in collaboration with several art and intercultural organisations. The platform strives to create discourse and offers tools to create
a more inclusive, diverse and feminist art field.

“The theme of this year is allyship and solidarity. Art institutions and individual artists have power,
authority and influence. We can open doors, act as thought leaders, tell multifaceted stories about the world and act as the vanguard. Allyship is not merely standing by, it’s an attempt to make a
difference, to work towards a fairer, safer, more diverse and better field of arts.” – Artistic director Sonya Lindfors

This year’s #StopHatredNow is aimed at individual artists, cultural influencers, and institutions of art and culture. Free seminars, discussions and workshops offer more information on allyship and solidarity as well as concrete ways to work. The events are held by numerous experts, such as
Sandrine Micossé-Aikins (Diversity Arts Culture, Germany), Thomas T. Presto (Head of Critical Friends and Artistic Director, Norway), Natasha A. Kelly (academic activist and filmmaker, Germany) and artists Camille Auer, Carmen Baltzar and Sepideh Rahaa.

The event is organised by UrbanApa, Culture for All, Cultural Centre Caisa, Goethe-Institut, Aalto University’s Department of Art, ARMA, ArtsEqual, Interkult ry, Globe Art Point, and Zodiak – Center for New Dance.
The event takes place in Zodiak, Cultural Centre Caisa and Hanaholmen.
All events are free of charge!

For the programme and more information:
UrbanApa’s artistic director: Sonya Lindfors // sonya@urbanapa.fi // 040 5164420
Producer: Wilhelmina Sederholm // producer@urbanapa.fi // 040 5918952

StopHatredNow is an intercultural and anti-racist platform that works toward a more diverse and openminded Finland. It is organised in collaboration with several art and intercultural organisations, and its
focus is on communality, empowerment, collaboration, and the sharing of knowledge and resources.

StopHatredNow is a long-term platform that allows for diverse action. It was first organised in 2016.

Please, read the Ethical guidelines of the platform.

Read more about the program of Globe Art Point at #StopHatredNow HERE

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