Creating an Effective Artist Portfolio, support group with Edwina Goldstone

Creating an Effective Artist Portfolio, support group with Edwina Goldstone

Welcome to our support group focused on artists’ portfolio!

Creating an Effective Artist Portfolio

In this support group led by Edwina Goldstone, you will cover the essential components of creating an effective artist portfolio.  Over a period of 3 to 4 sessions the topics covered will include portfolio formats; what a portfolio is comprised of and used for; how to tailor your portfolio to different needs, markets, uses; and the basics of documenting your work and presenting your portfolio in the best way possible.  We will look at different examples and ways to compile a portfolio along with a list of resources for creating and formatting your artist portfolio to best suit your needs.

Topics covered include:

  • What a basic portfolio contains
  • Presentation and organization of artwork for various bodies of work or styles
  • Basics of documenting artwork for various portfolio formats
  • Image lists and organization
  • Digital formats to build your portfolio in
  • What to include or exclude depending on your target audience
  • Basic writing guidelines for an artist statement
  • Basic writing guidelines for an artist bio
  • Artist resumes/CV

PART 1: Introductions, Participants needs & requirements, Peer reviews

PART 2: The essential components of an artist’s portfolio, portfolio formats

PART 3: Portfolio Review

IMPORTANT: This activity is divided into 3 sessions which are important to complete. We have limited seats. If you can not commit to attending all the sessions we kindly ask you not to register so another artist can take the place.

You will need to bring your physical and/or digital portfolio to be presented to the rest of the group.

A maximum number of participants: 15 people.

Expert: Edwina Goldstone

Place: Malminkatu 5, map

Date and time: 3rd, 10th & 24th April 2019 from 3 pm to 7 pm

Language: English

Registration deadline: 26.03.2019

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Edwina Goldstone

Edwina Goldstone (b. 1962. England) is a visual artist working across multiple disciplines, based in Finland since 1994. Through her work she explores the relationships between identity, memory and the geographical imagination, often starting with an archetypal image or object, to explore ideas bound up with memory and cultural recognition. The questions of how we live and particularly how we observe our living are consistent preoccupations. In this it is perhaps in the small gestures of living, in the ‘everyday’ and in what too easily goes unobserved in the haste of living. Goldstone is interested in creating something sincere and emotionally resonant – even though the artwork might be largely based on the second-hand experience of cultural phenomena. The works involve layering of alternate realities, made up from ‘the imagined’ (the handmade), ‘the real’, and ‘the historical’. Goldstone’s work is known for the use of found objects in her work that are imbued with personal histories and cultural significance.

Goldstone’s work combines many disciplines, from sculptural installations to painting, drawing, lens based media, live art and socially engaged projects. She has a BA in Illustration and Design Communication from the University of Suffolk, School of Art, Design and Humanities, UK, and a MA in Fine Arts and conceptual art from Norwich University of the Arts, UK. Her works have been exhibited and presented in Europe; UK, Sweden, France, Finland, Norway and the Middle East; Alexandria, Egypt.

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