Good practices and pizza

Good practices and pizza

Date: 26 March – 17.30h

Place: Globe Art Point. Malminkatu 5, Helsinki.

An afternoon to reflect on good practices, resources and equality in the cultural sector, three key issues of great interest to all the professionals who make a living (or try) in this sector.

We will share thoughts and pizza with three cultural workers, Anniina Ala, Giovanna Esposito Yussif and Kemê Pellicer, whose experience will serve to facilitate a critical dialogue on the selected topics.

Good practices, resources and equality are the three sides of a triangle in which we propose to start working from individual to collective practice to improve the professional-personal activity of those who work in the culture field so that our work is recognized as an engine of social change.

Note: For those who don’t know the space. Next, to the main space, there is a little room with a round table that we had used sometimes for kids so they can be there, for example, eating or drawing, reading, etc. KIDS ARE WELCOME and you can self-organise to take a look at them. 

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