Pension-insurance plans for grants (MYEL)

Pension-insurance plans for grants (MYEL)



Grant recipients take out their MYEL pension insurance from the Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution (Mela).

The insurance obligation applies to all people of ages 18–67 who have received a grant awarded in Finland in 2009 or later, with the following conditions:

  1. The grant must have been intended for artistic or scientific work in Finland with a minimum duration of four months (i.e., a working grant), and
  2. The amount of the grant is at least EUR 1,276.04 per four-month period – in other words, the annual level is EUR 3,828.13 (in 2018).

The insurance obligation does not apply to those under 18 or over 68 years. Also, no person on old-age pension can take out this insurance.

The insurance obligation has been limited to working grants. It does not apply to grants intended only to cover expenses, such as travel grants.

If a grant includes both a portion intended for working and an amount awarded to cover expenses, the share of the grant intended for expenses shall be deducted from the total grant amount.

In mixed-form grants, the amount of pension insurance granted is determined on the basis of the share intended for working. The grant recipient must present Mela with clarification of how the balance between expenses and working is set for the relevant grant unless this has already been itemised in the grant decision.

Pension-insurance cover applies also to work performed by the members of a workgroup with the support of a grant when other insurance conditions are met. The leader of the work group is responsible for declaring such grants to Mela.

In addition to pension insurance, Mela insures grant recipients who have pension insurance from Mela against occupational accidents. The insurance cover also includes group life insurance and a survivors’ pension in case of death.

These pension contributions are tax-deductible. The contributions can be deducted also on the spouse’s tax return.

The grant recipient’s maternity, sickness, and unemployment allowances will be determined in accordance with the confirmed income of the person insured with Mela.

When specific preconditions are met, some grant-supported artistic work that is carried out abroad is also covered by the insurance. When working abroad – e.g., having a residency for a certain period – the grant recipient should separately ensure that the insurance is, in fact, valid abroad.

More information on pension-insurance plans for grant recipients can be found at The insurance application form is also easy to complete online.

Mela provides assistance to grant recipients with all issues related to pension-insurance plans in cases of grants. Mela’s customer-service number for grant recipients is +358 29 435 2650.

Apurahansaajan MYEL-vakuutusopas (PDF – Finnish)
Grant scholarship recipients – MELA

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