The new Unemployment Security Act came into force at the beginning of 2016.

In the new law, people who were previously considered self-employed are now deemed to be parttime or full-time entrepreneurs.

The right to employment benefits is determined just as it was before: a part-time entrepreneur is still eligible to receive unemployment benefits, but no benefits are granted to a full-time entrepreneur.

After the law came into force, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment published instructions on how the TE Offices should interpret the new regulations.

There is a section of these instructions that deals specifically with artists. These are a few of the important provisions with regard to artists:

  • The instructions recognise the special nature of an artist’s work and cite several examples of it.
  • An artist’s income may come from several distinct sources, in varying proportions.
  • MYEL insurance liability alone does not make a grant recipient into an entrepreneur.
  • An artist receiving unemployment benefits has the right to maintain his or her professional skills.
  • The artist does not need to dispense with his or her supplies, tools, and stock of works or with his or her workroom.
  • An artist may apply for grants and exhibition slots when receiving unemployment benefits.

The instructions on this material are based on the regulations set forth in the new Unemployment Security Act and the related instructions issued by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

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