Working as a professional artist mean that you need to be self-employed most of the times, there is many options and skills needed to do so, you can be an entrepreneur, freelance, a private company, and you can work inside the frame of a cooperative.

But how a cooperative exactly works?

What does it mean to be inside a cooperative?

When is recommended to join one or start a new one? 

Cooperatives are one of the best options to the creative industries, combining entrepreneurial and networking activities. Suiting both individual artists and groups of artists working together the cooperative can provide them with services such as billing, payroll or accounting.

In this workshop, we will go through the basics to understand how cooperatives work in Finland and how to build or work in one, the students interested in building one will be selected, after attending this one, to a future practical second part based on “learning by doing”.

Expert: Petri Katajarinne

Profile: Professional artists

Max participants: 15 people

Place: Globe Art Point, Helsinki. Malminkatu 5 (Kamppi)

Length: 23th October, 3-6 p. m.

Language: English

Registration deadline: 19th October.

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Image from Turun Sanomat


Petri Katajarinne has been working in creative fields for over two decades as a teacher, producer and entrepreneur. He has his own cooperative called Kulttuuriteko