Resources Service

Globe Art Point information service platform compiles and distributes information and surveys of these artists and their circumstances, information of Finnish labour legislation and taxation practices as well as of public and private funding targeted to art and culture sector.

All our data is compiled in collaboration with artist unions, Taike, Cupore, Culture for all service and other players of art and culture sector.


Globe Art Point information service platform is targeted as a tool for non-Finnish born artist resident in Finland as well as many players of Finnish art and culture sector: art institutes and projects, funders, journalists, researchers, event organisers and schools. Information compiled will offer base for collaboration, decision making, research and media writing as well as to art education planning.

WHAT do WE do?

Globe Art Point information service platform is a developing database offering relevant information of

  • foreign artists living in Finland, their backgrounds and situation
  • Finnish legislation and taxation
  • public and private funding instruments targeted to artists and projects
  • projects and working possibilities

As part of our info services, we distribute informative resources, organise info events and gathering organised.


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