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Laura Cemin

I am a Helsinki based Italian artist active in the fields of visual and performance arts: although my works always originate from a performative action, they can appear in multiple media and forms, such as live performances, text, photographs and installations with objects. My artistic practice focuses on understanding movement in relation to language, on searching the poetics in our everyday actions, on repetition, humor, and absurdity. Embodiment and writing are the main methodological tools I use to address my interrogatives, which orbit around the physicality of the body and the expectations projected on it by society. Based on my past as a professional ballet dancer and the experience in such a labor context where the body is the main resource, I critically look at the neoliberal regime of healthy bodies and their attributes: perfection, discipline, and high demands. I am fascinated by the intersections and overlaps between language and movement and by how verbal language, with its metaphors and rhetorics, shapes the way we move and physically interact. Can language choreograph the motion of individual and collective bodies? How are the stories we tell ourselves, or we are told, directing our daily actions and choices?

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