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Walter Götsch

My practice is grounded in usability, field research, and symbolism to prepare, empower, and direct. They are form, feeling, and attention.  Hopeful-post-corona design futures with system-scale problems and subjective user experiences, my art is looking beyond the settlement. Not self-reliant driven as romantic possibilities to enforce chauvinism, but sanguine, communal, feral, narratives. A coalition of practices between “ rewilding “ city-states without trying to put all the technological genies back into the bottle. With or without the VR glasses. Next to a river, beneath a mountain. I call my works as tools.  It is the forest smelling, rural observing, mountain-dwelling, world building, mind-bending and storytelling. IPCC panels + associative modeling + 230 million years of animal biochemistry = human identity that prioritizes mobility and migrations as the unexceptional state. Let's do it as our mothers did it.  My tools are guiding, speculating, and questioning aspects of daily life.  The rural is where both my work and the future, are happening. Along with the mountains, the sea,  the garden, Standing Rock Reservation, the 4th generation nuclear reactors, and metaverse cloud platform megastructures. 

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