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Adel Kim

Adel Kim (b.1987) is a curator, manager, and researcher focused largely on art residencies. She received an MA in Art Studies from Hongik University (Seoul, 2018) and MA in Cultural Management from Manchester University and Moscow School of Social and Economic Studies (Moscow, 2020). Currently, she is a researcher in the Reside / Sustain: Finnish & Russian experiences / initiatives / practices project. Previously she ran residency programs at Dom Tvorchestva Peredelkino (Moscow, 2020-2021) and ZARYA CCA (Vladivostok, 2016-2018). She completed the internship at MMCA Residency Goyang (Seoul, 2014). She is active in the Association of Artistic Residencies of Russia and runs AiR of Russia, the website on Russian residencies.

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19.09.2021 Discussion Art residencies as an ideal place for an artist to work Cosmoscow Art Fair, Photo by Vladimir Minaikin



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