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Tianjun Li

Tianjun Li (Timjune) b.1999, China, is an interdisciplinary visual artist and photographer. currently pursuing a master’s degree in Visual Cultures, Curating, and Contemporary Art at Aalto University in Finland. Li has been exploring the diversity and creativity of photography and attempting to create a new visual dimension between reality and illusion. Li’s art practice currently focuses on the possibility of the coexistence of multifarious photographic subjects in both nature and humans. In Li’s images, a new visual order was formed by superimposing, reorganizing, and intermingling various objects to reinterpret phenomenons nowadays. His works have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Tokyo, Paris, Beijing, and Shanghai, and are widely reported by international art presses. He's also one of the youngest artists to hold a solo exhibition in South China. Apart from his artistic practice, he also works with the music industry, creating album artwork and music visuals for international musicians.

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Timjune Tianjun Li, 2021



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