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Kuralay Meirbekova

My name is Kuralay. I am a contemporary artist from Kazakhstan, based in Helsinki.The focus of my interest in painting is people, their emotions as well as ordinary objects around us. I love interpreting a broad spectrum of raw emotions, experiences, and states of mind by distinctive visual language. Passion for exploring my inner artistic nature through various painting techniques is a continuous process in my life that began from early ages. For the past seven years I’ve been exploring one-line technique. There is something intrinsically captivating and honest about the nature of continuous line drawing. My background in architecture helped me to employ line with brevity, clarity and confidence, informed my art with a proficiency in adapting composition, space, and structural elements with spontaneity and freedom of expression. This approach naturally spread to other media, like video animation, metal wire installations and textile art. I approach every project as an opportunity to discover the truth of an individual's essence. For that reason, I often combine my lines with other materials, colors and textures until I get the desired effect.

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Kuralay Meirbekova contemporary, mixed media artist born in Kazakhstan.


Helsinki Uusimaa (other than capital city area)

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