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Uljas Suvanen

Art as a range of creativity in its most general form of visual, auditory or performative way or through design of everyday products, advertising, as well as individual projects reveals human’s very ultimate passion to create. Today we see the world wider than ever, globalisation accelerates the process of international integration from the interchange of world views, products, and other aspects of culture. World is changing constantly as we are exploring new and better ways to fulfil our existence. Looking back at history we are able to see how our society was developing. Art is a great tool to learn from the past, it displays priorities and trends of each period of our story. As well it has the power of influence that provides future generations with inspiration. It’s hard to draw a clear line between art as a reflection of our life and the way it affects it. Throughout time artists have pushed the boundaries of society further towards the acceptance of diversity and individuality. Personally art has always been about freedom to me, a chance to express myself, my ideas, motivation and feelings, a freedom of change and growth.

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Contemporary Artist/Sculptor Helsinki, Finland.



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