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Aleksandra Lemke

A professional photographer, Aleksandra Lemke is a free spirit at heart. Born in Poland in 1989, residing in Finland. Her specialization revolves around portrait and fashion. Other people, clothes, locations and even just the beam of light inspire her the most. With a strong work ethic, she does not only demand more from herself but also expects nothing less than the best in terms of her photographs. Her quality images with a touch of style, natural beauty and authenticity always express real emotions. Her kindhearted nature makes it possible for her to work with her models in a familiar yet professional manner, capturing images with a personal touch and devoid of any pretensions. In 2020 was working on a photography project About Us which covered the topics such as diversity, racism, LGBTIQA+ community and general issue of discrimination. The project was also a part of a celebration of 50th anniversary when homosexuality was decriminalized in Finland and was done in a collaboration with Seta, Etno of Southern Finland, the Helsinki Pride Community and the City of Helsinki with support from the Ministry of Justice of Finland. Since 2021 it has been shown in many exhibitions all over Finland and abroad.

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