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Alena Starostina

Alena Starostina Actress, director, performer, curator, costume designer Since 2010 she works as artist, director, performer, curator, costume designer, co-author of the independent theatre post (Saint-Petersburg). She took part as an actress in more than thirty productions. And also as a director assistant director and costume designer in more than ten productions. She was the curator of the Creative laboratory “THEATRUM 2021”in 2021. And also the author of the Exhibition “Hour of place” in 2021. Two-time winner of the Russian national award Golden Mask in the category "Experiment" for performances at the theater post. Nominated for best director of a small form for collaboration with Dmitry Volkostrelov in "The Sad Deity Committee" performance based on the play by Pavel Pryazhko in 2021.

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Alena Starostina - actress, director, performer, curator, costume designer


Helsinki Kymenlaakso & Etelä-Karjala Uusimaa (other than capital city area)

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