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Hybrid designer with a wide experience in Product design (UX/UI), Visual Branding, Graphic design, illustration, textile design, and prints. My focus is on Visual Design. I enjoy versatility in design and I value collaboration and cultural diversity at work, I enjoy making detailed prints and patterns, iconography, and illustrations. My goal is to provide human-centered design by facilitating access to and improving the usability of digital products and services. I enjoy creating visual stories and interactive experiences to support communication and promote values of sustainability, education, cultural diversity, and inclusion. Design and art instructor, cultural promoter, and workshop facilitator. Venturer in the healthy food businesses, and sustainable design entrepreneur. In my free time, I enjoy practicing Capoeira Angola, and playing Mexican folk music, and have been working on initiatives to promote these arts in Finland since 2019. More info:

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Visual designer, artist and cultural promoter



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