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Tina Jeranko

In my artistic practice, I research the translation between language and the physical body in a given social, cultural, and political space. My work consists of choreographed speech performances and workshops, interdependent on the environment and its field of information. It is always built on the encounter with another and in relation to the other, resulting in a form of group play. Dynamics and paths created among different individuals, myself, and the surroundings create somatic sensations within me, which is the source of my making. In this process, I take on a role that shifts between a maker, a performer, a spectator, a guide, and a facilitator. In my work process, I note observations of how I coordinate through and around space, how I relate to subjects, objects, and places, while reflecting on my thoughts and emotions about these observations. Specific gestures and acts I see and experience in the social arena give birth to fictitious proverbs, and phrases inside me – or the other way around. A sentence will catch my interest, trigger an image or an act within my conscious or unconscious body. Combining those in an intuitive way is how performance is born.

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