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Ina Fiebig

INA FIEBIG (1977, Beijing, China) is a German Illustrator, Visual Designer and Art Director with more than 15 years of experience, working in Berlin, Barcelona and currently in the Metropolitan Area of Finland. She has degrees in Visual Communication and Illustration from Art Schools in Germany and Spain. Her professional activities focus on graphic design for different media on or offline, as well as infographics and illustration for projects in the areas of social impact, culture and education. Throughout her work she aims to use a symbolic and playful language with an own personality. Ina lately also designs and leads creative workshops for families at libraries and educational centers in Helsinki and Espoo; wanting to bring science engagement and artistic views of the world in an accessible way for everyone. The amazement about the creations of nature is a driver of many of her proposals. Since 2015 she is an active member of Ninho Kultturrikeskus Ry and is part of the key team of Kolibri Festivaali, both initiatives that work on developing a more multicultural and plurilingual children’s culture in Finland, trying to enrich and make the children’s agenda and local cultural supply more representative.

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