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Mendoza Adán

Helsinki based filmmaker, photographer and musician. Born in Tenerife (Spain), graduated in Barcelona's "Bande à Part" film school in the Screenwriting and Directing degree. He has worked for as a fixer and content writer in Spain, as well as photographer. In Finland, he has worked as a professional Camera Assistant in several productions, as well as Video Editor and Cinematographer, from commercial films to video poems. His last short film, "Fimbulvetr", has been screened in 2021's Rakauta ja Anarkiaa festival inside the "Night Visions Presents" selection. He has been also involved in Barcelona and Helsinki hardcore punk scene as a musician. Interested in exploring the dark side of human nature, but not from a cynic perspective but rather looking for a light in the most obscure places of our souls. He considers all art must be politic and revolutionary, so his works are heavily influenced by his working class background, anarchist and antifascist ideals. Trying to make art more punk and the other way around.

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