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Alex Kollerová

Alex Kollerová (born 1991 in Bratislava, Slovakia) is a cultural producer and curator currently based in Helsinki, Finland. In 2018, Alex completed their higher education in Humanities and Art History at Birkbeck, University of London. To commence their career, Alex served as a curatorial intern at the P21 Gallery, a London-based charitable trust dedicated to promoting contemporary Arab art and culture. Residing in Helsinki since 2018, Alex has cultivated collaborations with various local entities, fostering robust connections and establishing a solid presence in the Helsinki art scene. Since the summer of 2020, Alex has been working at Globe Art Point, advocating for cultural equity, diversity, and the inclusion of international professionals in the arts and culture sector. In addition to their advocacy work, Alex serves as the chairperson of the Helsinki International Artists' Association and holds a curator position at the studio residency Kunsthaus Jägermeister. Alex is fascinated by art forms that are non-confirmative and stand outside of the context of traditional art venues. They are particularly drawn to experimental, avant-garde, and cross-disciplinary artforms that challenge viewers and seek to push the boundaries of mainstream art. Through their work, Alex interrogates preconceived notions of art, examining how these notions have evolved over time and been influenced by socio-political contexts. Alex firmly believes that audiences possess the power to shape the trajectory of contemporary art making by encouraging critical questions about fundamental concepts such as: What is art? Who has the agency to create art, and who determines what qualifies as art?

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