Kianoush Ramezani

“I observe the society and the interactions between human beings - philosophically, politically and instinctively. This is my main source of inspiration. I provoke society to remind it to act and sometimes to react. I put activism in every single line, pixel, or kilobyte. My main intention is to remind the value of Freedom of Expression as a fundamental right for human beings. My art is my activism, and my activism is my life. "Freedom of Expression" is my main profound motivation for creation, and it is present when I am drawing, when I am making a video art or doing an artist talk [TEDx talk]. My name is known an engaged activist and cartoonist by dozens of interviews with International media and journals, but my goal is to show the art of cartooning as an immensely powerful contemporary art and to show its capacity of its interactions with Music, Performance and Video art.”

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