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Anna-Sofia Nylund

Anna-Sofia Nylund is born in a small Finnish-Swedish town at the Finnish west coast. She has a background in documentary and media art (Arcada 2011) and is doing her Masters of Fine Arts at University of Fine Arts Helsinki 2022. Nylunds main focus is on Video- and Performance art, but she has also worked with documentaries and theater, both as a director and a performer. "As an artist I work mostly with video and performance, preferably in various collaborations. I am interested in how humans relate to the individual vs the collective and how the collective affect the individual. I want to question the social constructions that are binding us and create a more allowing space for various emotions. I am often inspired by small things in my everyday environment that with a magnifying glass can become universal issues. Power structures in the society, communication and hospitality are things that interest me."

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image from Venla Helenius and Anna-Sofia Nylunds video work A Pool House 2019


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