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Dace Strausa

This is about horses and art. After graduating from secondary school and finding myself in a situation, when the only road leads eastwards (I lived in Latvia, which back then was a part of the USSR and it was nearly impossible to get out of the country), I decided to be practical and master the horse-breeder profession at the Moscow University of Agriculture. Later on, upon realizing that horse-breeding requires many such qualities, which I did not have, I studied art in pre-degree courses at the Art Academy of Latvia and with masters of art and photography. My main objects in paintings and photography are, of course, horses, which after in-depth studies at university and in practical life, I know down to the minutest detail. A horse — created by nature and improved by the people — is endowed with a magic force of attraction that a large part of the humankind cannot withstand. Myself among them. This is why I am speaking in my paintings through this creature.

Visual arts

Painting Photography

year 2021


Uusimaa (other than capital city area)

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