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Blending painting and sculpture, I create abstract mixed media assemblages combining traditional and unconventional materials. The work begins outside the studio, as I collect objects from the natural and urban environments. Construction supplies, such as reflectors, roofing shingles, concrete and brightly colored tape appeal to me for their visual qualities, as well as their reference to the street, and the idea of repairing or building. Fallen branches scavenged from the forest speak to the natural order of things and the passing of time. The materials I choose are often pre-damaged, or else become damaged as a result of my process. This recalls death or decay, though the goal is transcendence. I always look to transform the material into something beautiful, providing it a new life through art. Moving between the floor and the wall, each decision is a response to the previous. The process is intuitive before analytic, though both play a role. I do not know what the piece will look like until it is finished. Working with my hands provides a bridge between the mind and body.

Visual arts

Sculpture Painting Installation Art theory / art history Arts pedagogy

Alex Markwith, portrait of the artist (2021)


Helsinki Other capital city area Pohjanmaa Uusimaa (other than capital city area)

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