Joachim Beens

Joachim J. Beens is a visual artist from the Northern Dutch countryside. He received his MFA in 2014 in Antwerp, Belgium. His work has been shown in Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. He currently lives and works in Helsinki. Informed by CGI, Beens' work revolves around the representation of the visual world on the flat surface, including the methods used for the construction of space and depth, the simulation of light, and the imitation of materiality; on canvas, paper, or panel, as well as the screen. In his practice, Beens focuses on painting. He juxtaposes historical and contemporary motifs, based on sketches, 3D models, or found images. His practice is erratic, as he lets it be defined by his subjects and works on several projects simultaneously. Apart from painting, Beens works with video and 3D animation, and has recently started experimenting with sculpture.

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Joachim Beens



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