Wena Ho

Wena aspires to be an empathetic museum educator. Prior coming to Finland, Wena has worked as an art researcher and education practitioner whose interests revolve around participatory art, relational aesthetics and human connection among the versatile contemporary art practices. Integrating her passion in art and education to facilitate art-based learning, she has collaborated with creative minds in Hong Kong, Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom to develop learning materials and curate educational programs in various informal learning environments. She is currently furthering her studies in education in Finland. She has recently founded a non-profit initiative, Freedom Street 40, to develop a network of open-minded, like-hearted people by fostering meaningful international dialogue about freedom in hybrid formats, contributing to the basis of art-based and educational research practices. It is a project to set us free.

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Art research and education practitioner, aspiring to be an empathetic museum educator. From Hong Kong, currently in Finland.


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