Evgeniia Utochkina

I have started my artistic path in an art school in Saint-Petersburg, Russia where I was taught the basics of academic painting. Saint-Petersburg is my hometown and I am proud of that as St. Petersburg is famous for its great art collections in museums and galleries. All my childhood I visited museums with my granny, schoolmates and friends. Fine art was one of the great pleasure to see. However, the academic painting was a bit boring for me to study. In 2014, I focused on contemporary art and began to express my feeling and emotions on canvas. It did not happen at once, it was a long way of understanding and searching myself in art. Now I am based in Helsinki, Finland and studying at Novia University of Applied Sciences (Pietarsaari, Finland) on the Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Fine Arts. Statement It is integral as an artist to be with the pace of present time and be the reflection of reality, what is happening in the world right now.

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