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Mohammed Moe Mustafa

Mohammed (Moe) Mustafa was born in Kuwait in 1985 to Palestinian parents, brought up in Jordan, and is currently based in Finland. He is very proud of his mixed cultural background and heritage, considering himself an artist at once Palestinian, Jordanian, and Finnish. Moe Mustafa is involved in various art and design fields including graphic design, sound design, video art, and theatre. In 2017 he directed his first play, when a rainbow is black, at teateri telakka, where he touched upon the topic of rape and sexual assault against Gay men. In 2018 he directed the 2nd play, Not for men, a series of monologues about women in certain society. Moe’s works touches upon social topics; such as loneliness, existentialism, mental health, sexuality, and human communication. He also induces of multilingualism on stage and diverse working group.

Arts, general

Applied arts

Visual arts

Graphic Arts Painting Photography Graphic design Video Art Media art Performance art VJ

Performing arts

Acting Directing Dramaturg Script writing / playwright Theatre pedagogy Sound design


Sound art DJ Contemporary art music Sound Art

Special groups

Multicultural / diversity LGTB

Other culture

Literature / poetry

Visual artist/ theatre director


Helsinki Other capital city area

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