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Zeynep Kaynar

Zeynep Kaynar is an independent visual artist. Currently, she is living and working in Finland. Zeynep Kaynar (b.1992, Samsun) received her MA (Hons) Degree in Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design from Sabanci University, Turkey. Her artistic work investigates the methodology of problem-solving through artistic production: She looks into issues of interest with creative, artistic research methods through her studio practice.

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist working with tools such as photography, drawing, painting. My work displayed in selected shows in Istanbul, Turkey, Belgium and Finland. At the beginning of 2020, I moved to Tampere, Finland and embarked upon a new step in my career at the international level. I became a Tampere Artists’ Association member, and I continue my artistic research & solo production in collaboration with Tampere Intercultural Artistic Community. My artistic background has developed skills for working with abstract concepts, executing them into solid ideas, and developing unconventional solutions for visual content. While developing my artistic career, I worked in the art & culture industry for more than five years. My experiences include teaching at the higher education sector, freelance marketing & communications projects that included re-branding, developing design solutions on print media, photographic & video production but not limited to visual content production but also writing/editing editorial content. Currently, I am studying Teacher Education at the faculty of Education and Culture in Tampere University while focusing on research in life-long learning at the cultural institutions.


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