How can art create a culture of love? How to understand and celebrate love as a communal force? Love Foundation Helsinki organises together with Kiasma (The Finnish National Museum of Contemporary Art) a two-day charity festival ‘Performing Love’ on 11 and 12 April 2019. Through the mediums of contemporary art, discussions, workshops, performance, and music, our aim is to facilitate positive human interaction and to build a more beautiful urban culture. Love is more than just sex and romance; it is a powerful common resource, the potential of which we as human society have not yet properly realised.


Love Foundation Helsinki invites proposals for 5-15 minute contemporary performances that address the topic of love, broadly understood. The performance can represent any genre of live art, performance art, dance or music. We are particularly interested in performative pieces that push the boundaries of their genres or that are multidisciplinary in nature, and that have a distinct contemporary edge.


The proposal should include 1) the name of the performance, 2) the names of the artists involved (please include contact information; in case of a group, contact info for one artist is sufficient), 3) the genre of the performance (in so far as it can be specified), 4) a description of the theme(s) of the performance, and the connection to the topic of love, 5) a concrete, practical/non-metaphorical description of what will happen during the performance, and 6) a detailed description of the technical resources that are required for the performance (we can provide at least simple video projection and a basic sound system, but please note that the available technical resources are limited). Please also attach the CVs or Portfolios of the artists involved; you can also attach pictures of the performance. The proposal text (excluding supplementary materials) should not exceed 2 pages in length. Please send us your proposals by 30 August to We aim to make decisions together with Kiasma by 15 September. If you have questions prior to submitting the proposal, feel free to get in touch with Pärttyli Rinne (co-ordinator, Love Foundation Helsinki;


Love Foundation is an open, international network of artists, musicians, philosophers, activists, and creatives. We organise cultural events to spread love, connect people, and raise funds for clean water projects in the poorest countries of the world. Love Foundation Helsinki donates 80% of the profits of the festival to clean water through our partner organisation, the Finnish Red Cross, and 20% is reinvested into the production of future events. All the producers, artists, and other volunteers of Love Foundation Helsinki work pro bono. Therefore we cannot pay salaries to artists. We create a framework through which artists are able to showcase their work as part of a movement of global solidarity. We believe in giving, and participating in something that is bigger than ourselves.


We look forward to your proposals!



Love Foundation Helsinki

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